How to study medical science in the real world

The Verge is reporting that the University of California, Berkeley is planning to offer a six-month intensive medical course on how to study biomedical sciences.

It will be an online course, rather than a class.

The course is expected to begin this spring, and will cover basic research and analysis of basic scientific concepts.

It could take students from anywhere in the United States.

“The goal is to introduce a new set of skills to people interested in the biomedical sciences and their fields,” UC Berkeley professor John F. Turetsky told the news site.

“We’ll help people become more effective, better informed, and engaged in research.”

The course will be a “first step toward creating the kind of biomedical science curriculum that’s required for medical school and beyond,” he said.

The University of Michigan is also set to offer its first course in biomedical sciences in spring 2019.

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