Health workers at University of Edinburgh to have a new job description

EDINBURGH, Scotland — The University of Glasgow Medical School will open a new position that will be a “clinical nurse practitioner” in a new role for young people.

The position will be created in an area known as “young care and support” to support young people with medical conditions and help them find jobs.

The role is a part-time position and the school says the position will help “support people in the NHS who need to access the care and resources they need in a safe and supportive environment.”

The first cohort of the new role will start training next month.

The position will pay $45,000 a year, with a total annual salary of $60,000.

About 50 staff members will be offered the position.

The role will be in partnership with the Scottish Health Service and Glasgow University Hospital, where a new clinical nurse role has been created in partnership between the two health services.

The new role at the university’s medical school will be part- time.

In addition to a $45k salary, the new position will include: A support team of 30 to 40 people; An educational opportunity; Training, mentoring, and mentoring opportunities with a focus on supporting young people who are on the continuum to medical school; A flexible and supportive working environment; Support for young and adult learners; Working with local community partners to help with their transitions into and out of healthcare; Workplace support and mentorship; Access to healthcare information; Healthcare information for employers, students and carers; Crisis intervention and recovery training; Carer-led training and support for staff; Collaboration with other health service bodies; Integrated care and training; The opportunity to train in a number of healthcare disciplines and specialties.

At the University of Scotland, the medical school has been in partnership for a number, but not all, of its history with the NHS.

The university was established in 1836 and has a total of 8,700 students and has an annual budget of about $100 million.

It has a student body of nearly 10,000 students, and more than 3,000 clinical and medical students.

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