Medical science certification: University of Wollongong – University of Western Australia

The University of West Australia has announced the appointment of a new medical science manager for the University of WA and has said it will work closely with the University to support the achievement of our university’s medical science objectives.

Dr Richard Langer, who will be responsible for the medical science management team for the two universities, said the appointment was a significant one.

“It is a great opportunity for us to support both our university and WA’s medical and health science communities and to help establish a strong relationship between our two universities,” Dr Langer said.

“Dr Langer is a respected member of the medical sciences team at the University and has a proven track record of leading both the medical and medical sciences departments at Western Australia universities.”

The announcement comes as WA has been preparing to embark on its own medical research initiative.

The University of Washington announced its intention to build a new lab for its medical research in late 2017, and in January 2018 announced the creation of a two-year collaboration with Western Australian University.

Dr Ller said the University would also be working with the WA Health Department to create a collaboration to deliver clinical trials in WA.

“The university will be providing a comprehensive range of support for this partnership, including support for a new clinical trial site, support for training, training opportunities, research collaborations and other support, as well as continuing to provide support for the WA Department of Health,” Dr Jarrad said.

He said the new management team would work closely together with the university to promote research, research collaboration and collaboration with the community.

“Through this, the university will enhance its ability to deliver high quality research in WA, which is essential for achieving the university’s research goals and ensuring the health of our communities,” Dr Denton said.WA’s medical research agendaThe Western Australian Government has said WA is aiming to become a world leader in medical research, and Dr Jett said WA had the potential to become the second state after New South Wales to develop its own clinical trials.

“We are already on track to become one of the top 10 per cent research states in the country by 2020, so it’s a huge opportunity for our health care system to become even more successful,” Dr Wett said.

Dr Wett has previously said WA would be the first state in Australia to establish its own commercial medical trials hub, and has previously pledged to double WA’s number of clinical trials by 2021.

“We will have a very robust clinical trial infrastructure, we’ll have a number of trials, we will have an ambitious clinical trial capability,” Dr Yacob said.

The WA Government is also preparing to announce the opening of a regional clinical trial centre in Western Australia in 2021, which will be run by the WA University.

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