How to build your own smart home

Health insurance company CareFirst is offering to pay for a home-health aide in partnership with a company that makes smart homes for consumers.

The home-monitoring system, which can monitor the home for heat and humidity, will work in conjunction with a smart-home system from a company called M2.

“In this case, CareFirst wants to help the home owner manage their personal health with M2 smart home devices,” CareFirst said in a statement.

CareFirst already sells the CareHome, a smart home device that can control thermostats, lights and other smart appliances.

In April, CareDirect launched a smart thermostat for the homes it sells in New York City.

CareDirect also has a line of smart-water systems that can detect water leaks, and a smart appliance that allows homeowners to control appliances remotely.

Both are made by M2, which was founded by the former head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s lab of bioengineering.

“M2 has a track record of bringing smart home technology to the market, and it’s our intention to continue expanding into the home as well,” said Mike Haines, vice president of technology and product development at CareFirst.

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