What to do if you’ve had a CT scan in the past month

Medical researchers have found that the risk of getting a CT-scan within the past year is higher than the risk that someone with a history of CT-scans will have a CT diagnosis within the same year.

A study published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal has revealed that people who have had CT scans in the last year are almost twice as likely to have a diagnosis within six months than those with no scans. 

The study analysed data from 7,852 people from a large cohort of UK adults who had scans between 2009 and 2011.

The researchers looked at the number of scans for people who had been diagnosed with a heart condition, cancer or a neurological condition and for people with an unexplained mental disorder, depression or anxiety.

The study found that those with more than five scans were twice as often diagnosed with the same condition within six to 12 months as those with none.

The number of CT scans each person had each year was then calculated, and people who got at least five scans within the previous 12 months were almost twice the risk they would get a diagnosis in six to 18 months.

This is in contrast to people with less than five scan in any year, which was only 1.3% of the population.

The authors of the study said the finding could help doctors and healthcare professionals to identify those with the highest risk of developing a CT. 

“Our findings support the current recommendation to monitor CT scanning to reduce the risk for CT-related diagnosis,” Dr Michael Ewing, from the University of Nottingham, said.

“It could also lead to better guidance for clinicians about how CT-diagnosis and treatment should be planned for people at high risk of CT diagnoses, and how CT scanning could be used to monitor these people for CT diagnosis in the future.” 

The researchers say the findings need to be replicated and further work is needed to determine what the risk would be in a broader population. 

This article originally appeared on MTV News UK

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