Medical science lecture: Prophetic medical science and medicine

A medical science lecturer from the University of New South Wales has given a lecture about the history of medical science at a conference in Sydney.

Dr David Condon told the meeting at the National Medical History Museum that medical science was “the story of human progress and the story of humanity’s evolution”.

Dr Condon said he was inspired to make the lecture after seeing a video of a conference on the history and impact of medical technology.

“There was a talk about the rise of medical imaging in the mid-19th century, the development of surgery, the invention of vaccines, the advent of the modern era of medicine, the advancement of antibiotics, the emergence of antibiotics-resistant bacteria, the discovery of antibiotics,” Dr Condon explained.

He said the conference was one of the most exciting moments in medical history.

The National Medical Historians Association (NMHMA) is sponsoring the lecture.

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