What you need to know about AMRitha Medical Science

The name “amriths” may be an ancient Greek word that translates as “noble medicine” or “nobleship medicine” but it’s not the only medical specialty that is named after it.

In fact, one of the earliest medical textbooks in English, the Hippocratic Oath, was written about a woman who wrote about her experience with the “nobility” of her profession, and it’s likely that it was the “amrit” (an ancient Greek term that means “nobler”) physician.

Amrithas first written medical treatise, The Meditations of Amrithah, is thought to be the earliest written medical textbook written in the ancient world, according to the University of Chicago Press.

It is believed that the treatise was first published in Egypt about 200 years before the Roman Empire. 

“Amriths treatment of patients and their medical problems in the Middle East in the early 7th century B.C.E. has become one of our most significant contributions to the study of the early modern medical system,” Dr. Stephen G. S. Clements, the University’s Dr. of Classical and Near Eastern Studies, said in a statement. 

The Hippocratic oath was written by Hippocrates, a Greek physician who lived in the second century B, C.E., according to Smedley Butler, a professor of ancient medicine at Columbia University.

It was not the first written code of ethics for medical practice, but it is the first medical textbook that the Hippocrates wrote, and was used as a reference guide for the medical profession, according a study published in the journal American Journal of Human Genetics. 

Amrhes Hippocratic treatise is believed to be one of two ancient medical texts that are believed to have inspired the code of Hippocrates. 

Another ancient medical treatises, The Laws of the Physician, was published in 325 B.S. and was written in response to a new understanding of medicine in the Roman world. 

Other ancient medical works include The Book of Hours and The Book on Medicine. 

Ancient medical texts have been used as medicine textbooks for centuries, according the National Center for Biotechnology Information. 

One of the first recorded medical textbooks was published by Dr. Henry Stubb, who was born in 1764 in Virginia. 

Stubb wrote The Anatomy of the Human Body, an early work on anatomy, which has been described as a medical textbook of the 19th century. 

Dr. Edward Jenner published his treatise on medicine in 1818, which was also based on the Hippocratis Hippocratic text. 

A century later, Dr. Benjamin Rush wrote the first textbook of medicine, the Anatomy and Physiology of the Body, in 1827. 

Rush’s textbook, published in 1828, was a bible for the early medical profession. 

More than 150 books about medicine were written by physicians during the 19st century, according an Atlas of American Medical History. 

During the 1800s, doctors began to use the Hippocrats treatise as a guide for their practice. 

In 1844, the New York City Medical Society issued the first edition of the Hippocracy, which is the name given to the first printed edition of a medical book. 

It is believed the first Hippocratic book, the first published textbook, was in 1856. 

Doctors also used the Hippocrat to make decisions about how to treat their patients, according James L. Sperry, author of The Complete Hippocratic Treatise.

“In my opinion, the book of the Treatise was the first systematic guide to medical practice that we have, and the Hippitype is an important source for physicians in making that decision,” Sperrie said. 

This book was a source of inspiration for doctors and patients alike, as it is often credited with opening up the medical mind to new ideas, said Dr. Christopher P. Kelleher, the director of the Center for the History of Medicine at the University at Buffalo.

“The treatise opened up the way doctors thought about patients, and opened up an area of study that doctors were not previously interested in,” Kelleheers said.

“It also opened up a lot of other avenues that physicians were interested in and that they were not well-prepared to deal with.”

The Hippocracy is thought by some to be a precursor of modern medicine, as many medical texts about anatomy and physiology are believed by some of the world’s leading medical scholars to have been written by doctors. 

An image of a man sitting on a chair and reading from a Hippocratic treatment of illness.

Image Credit: University of California, Berkeley, Library of Congress.

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