Why the NHS is getting a lot more expensive

An article published in the Times of London today explains the true cost of health care in England, and explains how the government is attempting to pay for its rising cost.

The article, written by the paper’s chief economist, Nick Johnson, takes a look at the average cost of living in England and how the NHS compares to other major UK institutions.

If you’re not sure whether or not this article is for you, the headline might make you think twice.

Read more from the Times article Johnson wrote that, as a result of rising costs, the average England resident is now living with an “unacceptable level of medical debt”.

“This is a result not only of the government’s actions, but also the costs of the health service to be covered by the National Health Service,” he wrote.

“For the vast majority of people, this is a manageable level of debt, but for a few, particularly the poor and vulnerable, it is approaching insurmountable levels.”

Read the full article here: The Government has also increased the NHS’s funding by nearly £1.2 billion, to a record £9.6 billion.

A further £5 billion is being spent on health services across the UK, including the National Patient Support Fund and the Health Service Plus.

More: Health service costs have more than doubled in the past five years The NHS has also spent £6.9 billion on a £4.2bn expansion of the Maternity Care Budget to cover more births in England.

However, the NHS will not receive any more funding in 2019.

Johnson said that, in the future, the budget would be set by parliament.

This is because the Government is not yet ready to accept that it is too big a burden for the NHS to meet.

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