‘Medical Science is an Important Science’: Trump, Sanders to Talk About Medical Science Today

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are scheduled to talk about medical science and medical science at a White House news conference Thursday, but the president has yet to provide any detail about the topic.

The White House has said the two leaders will discuss issues like vaccines, Alzheimer’s disease and mental health.

Trump has previously made clear his preference for a vaccine-free America, though his team has declined to offer specifics on how he intends to accomplish that.

The two leaders have a history of sharing information about medical research.

They previously talked about how they plan to address the rising costs of medical care.

Trump and Sanders are both vying for the Democratic nomination for president.

They are expected to discuss the role of the government in healthcare during their joint news conference.

Trump’s team has been mum on the topic, but said the president plans to speak about how he would address rising healthcare costs.

“We are going to discuss healthcare issues.

We are going see what he wants to do.

We will be discussing healthcare,” Sanders said during an interview on MSNBC.

“He has already been very clear that he does not want to see more government involvement in healthcare, which is the number one thing that he is talking about.”

Sanders also addressed the rising cost of medical procedures.

“The reason why we have to have the health care industry that is so profitable is because it has so much control over how we treat our patients, how we pay for our medical care, how it is delivered to the patients,” he said.

“So we cannot allow that to continue.

We can’t let it happen.”

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