Which hospitals and medical facilities have the most unlicensed medical personnel?

The federal government is struggling to curb a surge in the number of unlicensed health care workers in the country.

While the numbers are up, the numbers have gone down across the country in recent years.

Here are the top 10 unlicensed locations: 1.

University of Ottawa 2.

University Health Network 3.

University Hospital Montreal 4.

Memorial Hermann Hospital 5.

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario 6.

Childrens Hospital of Winnipeg 7.

Prince Edward Island Hospital 8.

Royal Ottawa Hospital 9.

University Medical Centre in London 10.

Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Community Hospital.

(Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)In all, 7,078 unlicensed workers work in the U.S. as of January 2018, a number that has risen slightly in recent months.

They work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics and in other health care settings.

They often are not licensed in Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia, according to the Canadian Medical Association.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Health Minister Dr. David Emerson said the government is aware of the concerns and is working to improve licensing requirements across Canada.

He said the number will remain in the “trend of declining” and that “in the meantime, the government will continue to seek solutions that will reduce unlicensed working in Canada.”

The AMA says unlicensed staff members in Canada are responsible for treating about 1.3 million patients each year, including some 1.5 million with chronic conditions, the vast majority of whom are in acute care facilities.

Health Canada is working with employers to help ensure that they comply with their obligations.

A spokesperson said the agency is working closely with employers on this issue, and will be in contact with the public and stakeholders throughout the process.

In the meantime the AMA says more people are becoming more aware of their rights as health care professionals.

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