How to find the right book for your medical science course

UWA medical science teacher Paul D’Amico, a father of four, is on the hunt for a new textbook for his students.

D’Amicos book, called The Medicine That Makes Us Human, was recently adapted for television.

But he says his aim is to bring the book to Australia and beyond.

“I’m not trying to make money off this book, I’m not even trying to sell this book,” he said.

“This book is my hope and my mission.

It’s a book I’ve loved for the last 15 years and I hope to bring it to people in Australia and hopefully we can get some of the benefits that it brings to people.”

The book tells the story of medicine and medicine is a science.

It was written by Dr Michael Risch, who also wrote the popular book, The Science of Medicine, which is available to students across the country.

“It’s an exploration of how the human body works,” Dr Risch said.

“It’s not just medicine, it’s everything that’s involved in our everyday lives.”

When I started writing the book I thought it would be a wonderful way to engage with the Australian community, to get more information and better understand the human experience.

“Dr Risch says the book is the first to be adapted for radio.”

If I can get it to radio, I’ll be really happy, it will be a fantastic product for the ABC and it will have a wonderful impact on the ABC’s coverage of medical science,” he says.”

The book is well-known and it’s widely read and used in medical schools, in hospitals and the like.

“People want to understand the science, so why not take a book and give it to the public and give them some insight into the scientific process?”

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