The ‘Star Wars’ ‘Darth Vader’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ series to launch in September

The “Star Wars” movies have been a big success.

And now the franchise is set to be reborn, with an animated series based on “The Walking Street.”

The series is called “Darth Vader,” and it’s set in a fictional world that is “filled with a huge number of superheroes,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said.

It follows the adventures of the “Darkside” heroes, a group of super-powered teenagers who travel the globe.

The first season will premiere on Disney XD on Sept. 18, 2019, and Disney XD will expand into new territories in 2021.

Iger told ABC News that the series will have the biggest cast of any Disney XD series, with “over 1,500 actors and actresses.”

Iger said that the show will have its own set of stories that will allow it to take place in a real world setting.

I told them to find something that would fit with the world and characters that they have in their lives.

And then we’ll start developing that story.

And so I think we’re going to be able to do something really exciting.

“It sounds like the show has the potential to do some very cool things.

I can’t wait to see what the fans come up with.

It’s a great story and I’m very excited for this opportunity to tell it.

Iger also announced the return of “Star Tours” to Disney XD, a new animated adventure series that will feature new characters, new adventures, and new stories.

The company is currently filming in the US, and the show is scheduled to debut in 2018.

I met with “Star Tour” creators Mark C. Wilson and John Krasinski at a Disney XD panel this week, where Iger was very excited about the potential of the show.

He said that Disney XD had “been in the business of doing live events and shows and things like that for a long time,” and the company was ready to give the fans a chance to experience “Star Trek: Discovery.”

I’m very happy to be partnering with Disney and this is just a natural progression in our relationship, and I know it’s going to make fans smile, too.

I’m really excited about that, because it really gives fans the opportunity to do what we do in terms of live events, which we love.

I know the fans will love it.

I think they’ll love it because it’s a really exciting way for us to expand the brand, and then give fans the chance to participate.

The fans have said that, and that’s a fantastic thing.

I mean, I think fans have always wanted to see that.

It was one of the reasons why we made a movie about Star Trek.

I hope that we can give them a great opportunity to experience it.

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