What the research says about the latest study on the effects of concussion on brain function

The brain is a complex structure.

The structure is made up of multiple interconnected, interconnected neural structures, which are interconnected by thousands of nerves.

There are over 200 million neurons in the brain, with each one responsible for a specific task.

Each neuron is made of a certain amount of nerve cells, and each one of those nerve cells carries out specific functions in the human brain.

A brain cell is an individual nerve cell.

A neuron is a collection of neurons that share a common, but very small, amount of information.

For example, the same neuron may carry out a specific kind of neuron, and a different kind of nerve cell may carry that same information, but different functions.

There’s a lot of information, so you can get pretty good signals from the brain.

However, as a result, there is a lot more than just the neurons themselves that are doing the communication.

It also has to do with the way the neurons communicate with each other.

The brain also has an integrated network of neurons called the synapse, or network of nerve fibers that connect the neurons together, and those fibers can send and receive information in a very sophisticated way.

In order to communicate with one another, the brain has to know the exact location of a neuron and the exact type of signal that the neuron will receive.

That information is sent through a series of interconnecting fibers that form a very complex network of neural pathways.

That network of brain pathways can be called the brain’s communication system.

But the information that’s sent between the neurons can also be communicated with other neurons.

A simple example of that is when we talk about a neuron communicating with another neuron.

If the two neurons are located in different parts of the brain and the signal coming from one neuron comes from another neuron, that signal will be transmitted to the other neuron.

However if there is some sort of error that has been introduced between the two of them, then the signal from one will not be received from the other, because there’s a difference in the information being transmitted.

That error can cause a change in the way a neuron sends or receives information.

That can lead to changes in how the neurons are behaving, such as a change from one form of the behavior to another, or vice versa.

In the brain there are also some neurons that are very sensitive to changes to their environment, and that can lead the neurons to make more precise movements, or the neurons may make more complicated patterns.

The neural pathways that are involved in this kind of communication can be a bit complicated, but the brain is made out of a lot simpler structures than that.

One of the basic types of connections that are used in the communication between neurons are called synapses.

Synapses are actually made of many, many small pieces of nerve tissue.

The more pieces that make up a synapse that is connected together, the more information that can be transmitted between the connected pieces.

The connections that you see between neurons can be quite complex.

For instance, one type of synapse can have many kinds of connections, and it can also have lots of different types of synapses, or types of communication between different kinds of neurons.

When a neuron makes a move, that’s called a neuron’s “action potential,” or the energy that is generated when it makes that move.

The energy that a neuron produces can be either electrical, or it can be chemical, or or it is both.

The amount of electrical energy produced by the neuron can change in response to a change to the environment.

For the most part, the amount of chemical energy generated by a neuron is what you would expect from a chemical reaction.

For some neurons, the chemical energy is converted to electrical energy by chemical reactions, and for others, the electrical energy is turned into chemical energy by electrical reactions.

However the amount that chemical energy can be converted to chemical energy in the body varies.

There is a difference between what we call chemical energy and what we consider energy.

For an electrical reaction, the energy is either a change of the direction of the reaction, or a change that is happening in the direction the reaction is taking place.

For chemical reactions that occur in the environment, the change in direction of a chemical process is what is called the chemical change.

For mechanical reactions, the reaction takes place in the surroundings.

For more complex reactions that take place in one part of the body, the environmental change can be much more complex.

The chemical change can also change over time, and sometimes the chemical reaction is repeated many times in the same part of a body.

The result of that chemical change is a change for the organism.

For many of the things that the brain does, the information coming from that chemical response is very important.

For things like language and memory, that information can be very important for learning new things.

For certain kinds of brain disorders, like schizophrenia, there can be changes in the

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