How to buy medical science stocks

Health care stocks have been surging since the election, but a few recent headlines are raising some questions about whether or not the trend is sustainable.

The Australian Medical Association’s president, Wayne Swan, says he’s worried about the future of the industry, and that the medical schools are under pressure to recruit graduates and keep them in the workforce.

“It’s time to look for a real, viable alternative to medical schools that are in the process of being shut down,” he said.

“We need to find a path forward.

We need to look at what is the best way forward.”

He said the AAMI would be “working to make sure that all Aussie doctors and all Australians have the opportunity to continue to work in this country.”

“We have been in the business for a very long time.

We are not going to give up on this sector.”

There are signs the medical technology sector is growing, but not as quickly as the pharmaceutical industry, which is growing at a faster rate.

“I think that medical tech is growing in Australia and the number of medical technology companies has grown significantly,” Swan said.

He also said the medical tech sector is still not growing as fast as the pharma industry, although he expects that will change.

“Our industry has grown by roughly four to five per cent a year,” Swan added.

I think it is an area that’s growing, and it’s going to continue going ahead.” “

But it’s a very challenging sector.

I think it is an area that’s growing, and it’s going to continue going ahead.”

AAMI president Wayne Swan has warned against turning away medical graduates. Photo: AAP

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