Which of the BC Medical Sciences majors should you be pursuing?

The BC Medical Science (BS) major program is a great choice for medical students looking to pursue careers in the fields of health care, medicine, nursing, nursing assistants, pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, and more.

In addition to the medical and nursing science majors, the program also includes three health professions (nursing, dentistry, and pediatrics) and four additional medical science majors.

It also includes a specialization in pharmacy.

The BC MS program offers an array of different degree options, including BSc, BSc in health, and BSc.

The BSc program at the University of British Columbia offers a Master of Science in Health Care Management degree, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Policy and Management.

To learn more about the BC MSc program, visit the Medical Sciences website.

Find out which BSc and BEd programs are available in your area.

If you have questions about the BSc or BEd, you can call the BC Student Health Services office at 1-800-222-2457 or visit the Health Services website.

Read more about medical students in BC.

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