What’s the deal with Melbourne’s research and development spending?

An article by Matt Lawton.

The Melbourne Institute of Medical Research (MIHR) is one of the world’s leading research and medical technology centres, producing a variety of new drugs, treatments and medical equipment.

The university’s research has helped to revolutionise the way we live, work and play, and has become one of our most significant sources of research funding.

But its research spending has been growing in recent years, despite the fact that the number of PhD students and postgraduate researchers at the university has been falling.

And now that the Institute of Health and Medical Research is being closed, the university will have to ask itself what it is doing with the money.

In recent years the institute has made significant investment in research facilities and infrastructure, including its new $1.4 billion building in the CBD, which has been described as the “next step in the evolution of the city”.

This will be used to fund further infrastructure projects, including a new high-speed train linking the University of Melbourne and Melbourne CBD, as well as new offices and labs in Melbourne’s north and south.

But that’s not all, the institute will also be putting $3.3 million towards new facilities and research infrastructure in the north-east, including the new Health Sciences Innovation Centre (HSIC), which will be built in North Melbourne.

These new facilities will be developed to support research and clinical research, and will create new opportunities for researchers to share their knowledge and collaborate with one another.

“Our vision is to build a new model of research and healthcare in Melbourne,” said Dr Robert Hargreaves, president of the institute.

“This new centre will bring together scientists from across the country, providing them with the expertise to conduct research and develop innovative treatments, as we look to the future.”

It will also provide a place where we can collaborate with our partners in the health sciences and other areas to tackle emerging challenges and deliver breakthrough technologies to improve the lives of people in our community.

“The HSIC will be located in the former site of the former North Melbourne Hospital, which was demolished in 2014 and converted into offices for the university’s science and medical research activities.”

We believe the HSIC is the perfect venue for us to develop this new research model, and it’s an opportunity for us all to contribute to the success of our science and our future as a city,” Dr Hargres said.

The HSOC is currently under construction, with work due to begin in 2019.

The new facility will be fully operational by 2023, and the university is currently planning to double the number and size of its staff by then.

Dr Hargremans said the institute’s vision for the HSOC would be to become “a world leader in the field of research, education and clinical excellence”.”

It’s a great opportunity for the institute to create a community-based hub of research excellence for our patients and our staff,” he said.

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