Which Medical Scientist Is Most Likely to Become President?

By Laila S. Orenstein and Michael B. Bender | December 22, 2017 10:17 a.m.

EST By LISA S. ORENSTEINThe next president will be an important figure for many, not least the medical community.

If the American Medical Association (AMA) were to nominate a new president in 2018, the first choice would be a former Obama adviser and Obama administration appointee.

And there are plenty of people who would be good fits to fill the vacant chair.

The AMA’s board is divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Its membership includes a number of respected experts in medicine, including former presidents, Nobel laureates and current or former senators.

It is a relatively small organization, so its selection process would likely be more diverse than the typical presidential race.

The current president would likely face opposition from the AMA’s members.

A study by The New York Times and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for American Politics found that medical professionals who supported Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were more likely to be excluded from future AMA memberships, and that they were less likely to join the AMA in the first place.

The study found that physicians who supported Trump were the most likely to have their names removed from future membership.

The findings were consistent across medical groups.

But the study also found that, overall, medical professionals with a strong opposition to the incoming administration had less political support from their peers, and less support from medical professionals generally.

In other words, it’s likely that the medical establishment would oppose any medical-related appointee to the new president, and it would be more difficult to find a medical-specific member of the incoming Trump administration who would fit the AMA mold.

A new president could bring with it a whole host of issues, and the AMA could very well face a backlash from its members.

But while the AMA might have some concerns about Trump, its members have a clear understanding of the president’s positions and agenda.

The association has endorsed the Trump administration in the past, and members are already planning for the next several months.

A group of AMA members met with the president-elect on Wednesday in New York.

One of the speakers at the meeting, former FDA commissioner Michael Gottlieb, has been a vocal critic of the Trump Administration.

But there’s another group of medical experts who have an interest in Trump, as well.

The medical establishment has long had an interest and desire to see him succeed.

But with the new administration comes an important change in that direction.

It’s no longer just medical professionals worried about the new health care system.

It also includes a large segment of the medical profession.

It includes some of the most respected medical experts in the world, and a large percentage of those doctors have said they’d be willing to back any of the candidates Trump names.

That is an important distinction, and one that has been lost in the medical debate over the past several years.

It has a direct impact on how medical experts vote on whether or not to support an incoming president.

The group that is most likely not to be a member of any incoming president’s administration will be the AMA.

This group includes physicians, other medical professionals, medical students and professors, as the Journal reports.

There are many different groups in the AMA, including doctors, nurses, dentists, social workers and others.

So the question is: How will the AMA react?

Many doctors who have been supportive of Trump in the weeks leading up to the election have been concerned about how the AMA would react to his presidency.

They worry that members of the AMA will be unwilling to vote for any new president that the group might consider a “progressive” or “liberal.”

That could potentially lead to a split in the organization.

But a split between medical professionals and physicians is not necessarily a sign of the future of the organization as a whole.

One way to view the AMA is to look at the group’s membership.

It covers a broad range of disciplines, and there are more than 500,000 medical professionals in the U.S. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the AMA has approximately 1.3 million members, or about 6.4 percent of the total population.

That means that the AMA includes about 1 in 10 Americans who practice medicine, according to the Pew Research Center.

If we consider that the majority of Americans are doctors, then the AMA represents more than 3 in 10 doctors.

If, on the other hand, we consider the membership to be representative of the American people, the membership of the group is actually much smaller.

According a study by Harvard Medical School and the American Association of University Professors, the American medical profession represents about 0.5 percent of all doctors.

A survey by the Harvard Medical Center, conducted between December 15 and January 6, found that the number of medical professionals was only 4 percent of that of the U,S.


This means that only 0.2 percent of doctors practice medicine.

The remaining 1.4 million doctors represent a

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