Apple’s medical science lab: Apple’s secret weapon

Apple’s secretive medical science labs are becoming a bit of a reality.

A new patent filed by Apple in January describes the technology used in the labs, and suggests that Apple will soon start shipping a range of products with their own medical software.

The patent is the latest in a string of Apple patents related to medical devices.

Earlier this year, the company revealed it would be developing a “cellular sensor” that will “provide medical information directly to an Apple Watch without the need for external devices.”

The patent describes a “device which may include a computer or device which communicates with the device through an interface, via wireless communication and/or a data communication interface.”

The system is intended to provide medical information, like heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels, to an iPhone user via an app on their wrist.

It is not clear if the app will use Apple’s own iOS software.

Apple has been experimenting with medical software for a while, but has so far only launched two products.

Last year, it launched HealthKit, a system that allowed medical devices to automatically adjust their settings based on the user’s health.

This year, Apple announced it would begin shipping a new line of medical products, with the goal of having “all medical technology products in Apple devices that can be personalized and customized with Apple’s unique medical data.”

Apple has yet to provide a price for the new products, but one of the new patents shows the company could start shipping the devices in early 2018.

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