WKU vs. UMass Medical Sciences in ‘medical science’ documentary

UMass Medics’ medical science documentary film has garnered some of the highest-grossing online streaming numbers of any college football game, according to data from Nielsen Media.

The documentary, which stars Mark Rolston and Jennifer Saunders, has generated more than 6.5 million views since its Oct. 5 debut.

Its online viewership totals more than 3.4 million, according the Nielsen data.

The film’s viewership total of 1.5 percent is also the second highest of any football game.

The UMass-Boston College game was the No. 1 sporting event of the week on Sunday, according a Nielsen Media analysis of online streaming data.

It was the second-highest-rated game of the year, behind No. 3 Notre Dame-No. 11 Michigan State.

The college football season starts Sept. 7, and the UMass game is the first matchup of the season between the two schools.

UConn defeated Boston College, 27-24, on Sept. 11.

UM has been ranked No. 5 in the latest Nielsen Media PowerRank and has had a 6.6 rating from 10,000+ fans since the film was released on Nov. 8.

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