What you need to know about the Aged Care Act

Updated July 17, 2018 11:19:45 An updated version of the Aaged Care Act is set to be introduced this week by the Senate, with amendments to extend the age of eligibility to 69 from 65 and to ensure all aged care professionals are eligible for Medicare.

Key points:Under the legislation, people aged over 65 will be able to access Medicare from age 70Under the proposed changes, people who live in remote areas or have an “exceptional” need for aged care will have access to Medicare from an age of 65The changes would see some aged care workers get an exemption from the Age Discrimination ActThe Australian Medical Association and the Australian Public Health Association have welcomed the changes to the Age Act, saying they are vital to supporting people with dementia and improving care.

“This is an important step towards ensuring that the ageing population has access to the quality of care that they need,” AMA national secretary Sue Bailey said.

“In addition to addressing the urgent needs of the most vulnerable Australians, the changes also deliver an important opportunity for all Australians to access care from an older age.”

Ms Bailey said the proposed amendments will “make sure that we are able to provide the care that we need in the most efficient and effective way”.

The proposed changes to allow people to access aged care services from an earlier age will allow people aged 65 and over to access services in remote communities and provide greater access to nursing home care, where it is cheaper.

Under the amendments, people in remote rural areas will be eligible for an exemption to the age discrimination laws.

“There are a lot of people living in remote locations, or in remote towns, where Medicare is provided and people who are unable to get Medicare for a variety of reasons, can access it through the Medicare Age Discrimination and Accessibility (Aged Care) Act,” Ms Bailey said.

“This legislation will give people the opportunity to access this service in remote places and places where they might otherwise not have access.”

If they are able, they can continue to access the care they need, and it is a very important benefit.

“Ms Carter said the amendments would help ensure “everyone gets the quality care they deserve”.”

We are confident that this legislation will be a strong foundation for delivering the level of quality care that people expect,” she said.

Senator Cassy O’Sullivan said she was “delighted” the amendments had been made.”

We need to ensure that the aged care workforce has access and that we’re ensuring that people have the opportunity in this legislation to have access when they need it,” she told the ABC.”

As a physician, I think I would expect my colleagues in the Senate to take a very close look at the changes.

“Senator O’Brien said she would support the changes and “look forward to working with the Minister and her colleagues on the Senate floor on this legislation”.

The Age Discrimination Amendment Act 2017 would also see some people in some remote communities exempt from the AEDA requirement to get a GP appointment.”

She said the community “wouldn’t have to change” if the community received the same access to care as other people in the community.”

And so it’s important that we recognise that, because the community has a really important role to play.”

She said the community “wouldn’t have to change” if the community received the same access to care as other people in the community.

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