Why medical science is in crisis

A new report from the nonpartisan Center for American Progress lays out the reasons why medical science has gone from being a highly competitive profession to a de facto monopoly.

The report, entitled “The Medical Science Industry Is in Crisis: How We Can Save It,” notes that in the US alone, there are now 4,200 hospitals, 5,500 physicians, and 1,300 labs in existence, with more than 80% of those being run by private companies.

“The medical sciences industry is in deep trouble,” the report says.

“This report is not just a call for reform but an urgent call for urgent reform.”

The report notes that “medical science is increasingly in crisis” and calls on Congress to take action to rein in a “culture of over-investment” and create a more transparent and transparent process for reviewing proposed regulations.

While the report recommends reforms, it says that “a broad reform of the US medical science system” is necessary, adding that the medical science sector “has become a political football that has been played by politicians and corporations for decades.”

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