Students from different parts of the world to visit Mayo Clinic for medical education

RTE 1  (RTE 2  )  – Students from all over the world are to be given the opportunity to visit the Mayo Clinic in the coming weeks to study medical science and medical technology in the country.

The international students will travel from countries including Brazil, China, India, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA and Zimbabwe.

Students will spend a total of four days in Mayo to learn the skills of medical science in the UK, as well as a number of topics in healthcare.

It is expected that students from around the world will take part in the visit.

Last year, the Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences (MIS) opened its doors to international students from all countries.

MIS was founded in 1996 by the Mayo Medical College.

Since then, there have been more than 1,500 international students at the institute, which is located in the heart of the city of Mayo, on the south side of the Mayo Bridge.

“As part of the Mises University Ireland, international students and scholars will study alongside students from Ireland, the UK and Canada in a unique environment that combines the academic rigour of a medical school with the experiential learning of a healthcare centre,” said Mayo’s Director of Student and Overseas Development, Dr Helen Byrne.

There are more than 2,500 students from 26 countries at the Mayo campus, including over 1,000 from the United States.

In the coming months, Mises students will be able to apply for scholarships, which will be awarded to international graduates who study at Mayo, in a competitive process that will involve students from over 200 countries.

“The international community will be the driving force behind this exciting programme,” said Dr Byrne.

“It is a unique opportunity for international students to discover a new perspective on medical science, to gain a deeper understanding of their country and their own culture and to explore a range of careers,” she added.

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